Chrome Extension Error

Hello Team,

Chrome Extension is Enabled but still getting Exception Message as “cannot communicate with the browser, please check the uipath extension”. Please find the screenshot of the Extension in Chrome.

Chrome Extension

Can you please share the details page?

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Have a look on following link

ensure settings for:
Enable Access to File URLs and Incognito Mode Enable Access to File URLs and Incognito Mode

If you are using Attach Browser check BrowserType in properties. Set chrome browser in Browsertype

Hi @Joao_Pereira
please find the screenshot for the details page

@Durgesh_khismatrao1 I have used Open Browser with browser type as Chrome and the activities inside open browser is failing though extension is installed

@ppr Thank you Peter. I have tried all the possibilities from this link and still i face the same issue

Did you install the UiPath extension through UiPath → Tools?

now its time to attack the issue formally. Please let us know the details to your enviroment

UiPath Edition (Studio/StudioX…) and Version
Chrome Version
Environment non virtualized / virtualized (Citrix etc.)

Thanks for feedback

@Joao_Pereira No. Its a production server and we don’t have studio in it. The extension was installed by the IT team. We have also tried to re-install the extension via the below link.

Maybe different installion mode will help: