Chrome Extension problem


You’re welcome srihari. Its all in the forum. Good to hear from you. Anyway Happy new year 2022 and Happy automation.


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I already went through all this thread for troubleshooting but no luck for me. I also tried upgrading and downgrading UIAutomation activity package but no good news there either. My Native Messaging process and browser bridge process both are running when I see in task manager.

the same here, helped me as well

I think you have done all the possibilities from all the threads. Checking group policy, native message, enabling all the things in the extension, developer mode enabled, Comparing the Id’s, Updating your Ui automation packages,removing and adding extension and reinstalling your chrome to update version one also, You did everything in this list Despite that To be weird to think little.


Yes, I have been working on this issue for 4-5 days now and went through every possible issues not still cannot figure out what is causing this.

Here is what I see in Backgroundpage in chrome when I run oprn browser activity.

BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [ClearExtensionError]
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [SetExtensionError] errType: NoError
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [StartNativeHost] nativeHostKey: com.uipath.chromenativemsg_v2
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [ConnectNativeHost] Created native messaging port with key: com.uipath.chromenativemsg_v2
2BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [OnNativeHostConnected]
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [RegisterAllWindowIds]
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [StartNativeHost] nativeHostKey: com.uipath.portable_host
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [ConnectNativeHost] Created native messaging port with key: com.uipath.portable_host
2BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [OnNativeHostConnected]
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [RegisterAllWindowIds] allWindows.length: 1
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [RegisterWindowId] windowId: 1
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [OnContentScriptLoadRequest] No Driver package loaded
BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [OnNativeHostConnected] Received reply to RegisterAllWindowIds
47BackgroundMain.js:formatted:1245 [OnContentScriptLoadRequest] No Driver package loaded