CHROME EXTENSION can't be find in webstore anymore

Studio/Robot version:2019.2

Hi guys, I’m using Uipath to scrape selectors on chrome , but it did not work out well. And the chrome extension can not be installed correctly and even can not be found on chrome web store.

I m wondering if the Uipath team is trying to fix this situation? or is there any way. This really confused me.


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Have you installed Chrome Extension from UIPath studio or not ? If not then go to Tools section and install it. Then one pop up will appear in Chrome to add extension and click to add it. Once done Restart browser and check.

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As @lakshman suggested please follow the steps but if it still does not work then i would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:

I have faced the issues even after following the steps and i figured out the problem.

UiPath chrome extension is not compatible with latest version of chrome and in that case you need to download some older version of chrome which will allow you to install the chrome extension and you will be able to see the installed extension in the chrome.

Use the url below to download the compatible version of chrome.


thanks laksh,but the tool of install chrome extension doesn’t seem to respond…

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thanks amarasto, I will try this later. let u know if solved. but does that mean we can’t use the newest chrome to work with? as our company install chrome by default, there may be version issue of that.

Unfortunately Yes,

UiPath Team has not released any fix for that till now.We hope they will fix it soon.

Quick Suggestion-

Once you have downloaded the older version disconnect your machine from internet otherwise it will get updated to the latest version automatically and again the same problem will arise.

Once the internet is disconnected install the uipath chrome extension from the studio and enable it in the chrome to use then you can connect your machine to the internet again.

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hah, thanks for the tips. It shall work.I’ll try once get home.

Thanks amarasto, really helpful!

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