The UiPath extension for Chrome has just vanished from the Chrome store

The extension has just disappeared.

It cannot be found by searching in the store either.


This doesn’t particularly help but i cant access it either, even when i try to access it from my already installed extension.



I cant access from UiPath Studio to “UiPath Extension”.
And I cannot find “UiPath Extension” from google chrome directly.

Hi guys!
Which version of UiPath studio are you using?

@qateam do you have any idea about this? “Error 404” when trying to install the chrome extension from Studio Community 2017.1.6435(works fine with Firefox)

Google is messing with us :slight_smile:
Will be fixed soon


In the meantime, is there somewhere we can download the latest .crx file from directly, so that those of us trying UIPath for the first time can progress our evaluation?

I hope Monday or Tuesday we will have a workaround for the customers that are not willing to wait until Google fixes it.

Looks like the extension got fixed. Please try now.

Additional Information
Version: 9.0.6400
Updated: September 22, 2017
Size: 9.57KiB
Language: English

Amazing, this got fixed so quickly! Thank you

Thank you for fix. :grinning:

the latest chrome extension is buggy in enterprise 2017.1

it doesn’t find the right selectors. it is not able to find the right elements standard google screen, using type into, cannot type into the search box. please fix. i will raise a bug

We aren’t having any issues in our prod environment with 2017.1’s extension. I did notice that some of the selectors aren’t visible if Chrome isn’t set as the default browser, though. Setting as default fixed, as did leaving a chrome window open in the background. Also saw success with opening a new tab after launching Chrome, rather that running off the default tab that is available when Chrome is launched.

Thuy_Lam - I had the same experience after first installing the extension, where on any page the selectors were all over the place and not representative at all of the underlying HTML elements; until I did a full PC restart, which resolved it.

Thanks kit. The issue occurs when u run at more then 100% display zoom.
This used to work but doesn’t anymore. There is a work around which is to
reduce the zoom. Which is wierd because the selectors should not change
whether in zoom or not.

I also cannot find UiPath extension for Chrome in Chrome store or from SETUP → Setup Extensions → Chrome. Is it disappeared again?

no, the extension is there. i would suggest reinstalling chrome if you are stuck

Indeed, I’m having the same problem and zoom seems to lead to this behavior. Were you able solve the issue, maybe through using a previous version? Noticed the change as I went from a 1366768 resolution to 19201080 on a small laptop.

Hi @Bolletje,

Please try with below link,


Hi Thomas,

Can you please specify the Studio version?