How to install uipath 2018 version extension in Chrome?

Actually, I am working in VM. Client blocked all the website in chrome except their official web site. I tried to install the uipath 2018 version extension in chrome but getting error. Plz assist me to install the extension.

Do it from the Tools menu in Studio.

We enabled the extension in studio. But for doing automation with chrome we have to add uipath extension in chrome. In the chrome part only we got struck. Kindly check my Attachment.

You don’t enable the extension in Studio. You install it to Chrome, from Studio. Then you open Chrome and go to extensions and enable it.

Yes, We installed the chrome successfully in uipath from Tools. But it’s not showing in the chrome. That’s why we downloaded the extension externally and tried to upload in the chrome.

If it’s not showing in Chrome after installing from Studio then you have a group policy or other restriction preventing extensions from being installed. They’ll need to whitelist the UiPath extension.

Now client whitelisted the uipath but still not showing extension in chrome.

Did you reboot to get the new policy update, or do a gpupdate? THEN install the extension from Studio. Also may need to install it with admin credentials.