Choose date in date picker

I get orchestrator date like this
“04/24/1994 00:00:00”

how to select date in date picker


Are you able to enter date manually instead of selecting it from Date Picker ?

If yes then use Type Into activity and pass the date like this:

                                String orchestratorDate = “04/24/1994 00:00:00”
                                String requiredDate = orchestratorDate.Split(" "c)(0).Trim

Note: Pass requiredDate value to Type Into activity.

i try but
In this case it didn’t work i am not able write date in type into
it can provider only choose date in date picker

Use click activity in that make selectors dynamic

how to make the selectors dynamic in the date picker. In my case I am trying to select the current date in the date picker.
so I use now.ToShortDateString and I split the date string to get the date.
Then I pass the date as variable in the selector.
my issue here is it is not identifying the date.
next issue is I am getting 01, 02, 03 like this for single digit dates but in the UI path it is identifying as 1, 2, 3 for single digit dates. how can I overcome this issue. please help me.

Use variable over there
in that convert it into int so if you get date as Var=“03” then Int(Var) will give you 3
and then use it in selectors

I am using dt=split(currDate(1).ToString,“/”)
now the dt has 04
When I try to Int(dt) it shows "Option strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘Object’ to ‘Integer’