Calendar date picker

In my one of the websites i’m having following type of the date range selection. image.
I have used type into activity for date range selections
From date: Date.Now.AddDays(-2).toString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)+ “[k(tab)]”
To date: Date.Now.toString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)
I can’t able to select the dates through my flow.
when i try to select manually what date i have select for from date, same date automatically selected in to date.
How to i change those things

if that occurs even when done manually then we need to check with the application buddy for a workaround
Cheers @vivek_sivam

Hi @Palaniyappan
When i try to select the date’s manually it’s working fine meaning both (from and to) dates are select the same date.
When i try to use same functionality in UI path flow it won’t work meaning i can’t able to select the dates
From manual it self i can’t able enter the date manually. once i click on the image automatically date controller opend

hi @vivek_sivam
you can’t select part by part? i mean if you can’t write in the year, then in month, and then in days, by double clicking on that and write it manually, without search in calendar, can’t able to do that?

Hi @fernando_zuluaga
I think it’s not possible because when i select the date range, date controller opend. Part by part we can do when the date selection is different like date, month, year have separate in my case all are merged in single selections

Hi @vivek_sivam

1.First create variable assign then to in_Date = Date.Now.AddDays(-2).toString(“dd/MM/yyyy”). that date picker use click activity.
2.Next use another click activity in selector you can pass the variable to aaname=‘“+in_Date.toString+”’ in that selector keep it only aaname.
second date also same as.

Kommi Jeevan.

Hi @kommijeevan
Could you please create a flow for this or give examples

can u tell more elaborately please?
second variable in selector means?