Date range selection from a date time picker

Hi Can some one help me,

how to select date range in work flow. Give an example.
I have attached my date picker image. Date selection also changed day by date. Date picker have edit option


Could you please check once are you able to type date manually or not ?

If yes then use Type Into Activity to type date instead of selecting from date picker.

Hi @vivek_sivam

Use set web attribute activity

Ashwin S

Hi @vivek_sivam

use Type Into activity there you can pass


Kommi Jeevan.

@lakshman Yes i can able to type. I want generate report for different date range,
At the time of run i need to type the date range?

@AshwinS2 how to use
can you please give some example

I hope it takes in the typing input as well
So we can use TYPE INTO activity here
—if you want to mention different range we can store them in a variable like
str_fromdate = “2019-11-14”
str_todate = “2019-12-14”

And use type into activity for each field and mention the input string like this

I’m doing this enable SNED WINDOW MESSAGE property and disable SIMULATE TYPE PROPERTY

cheers @vivek_sivam