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Hi Guys,
One of my website i’m using following date picker. And it’s in read only mode. I can’t able to type the dates manually. The only option is to select the date using date picker. The problem is i can’t able to select the date’s dynamically .I have used type into activity for to choose date.
I want to select the date’s dynamically.
------Day 1----------
From date: 07-12-2019
To date: 08-12-2019
------Day 1----------
From date: 08-12-2019
To date: 09-12-2019
My type into activity’s i have used
From date: Date.Now.AddDays(-2).toString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)
To date: Date.Now.toString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)
Can any one let me know what should i do.

is this getting typed in to the field as you said its not taking in the value when typed

Check with typeinto activity and enable the options like send window message and try


you need to capture the selector and try to make dynamic selector according to the date generated


Hi @Palaniyappan

No, That’s the problem

Hi @Srini84
I have enable the window message still it’s not working.

Can you please give some examples or steps.

ok, then can you capture the selector?

Place a click activity and click on 9th date

Place another click activity and click on 10th date

capture both selectors and try to make a dynamic selector

Hope this helps


Hi @Srini84
When i use click activity this month is ok. It goes to next month that activity place has been changed right. that time how it’s work?
I have use click activity for select from date i’m getting below things.
How to i changed dynamically.

Yes, It will change for the next month.

but we need to get the selectors for the month, year, and date, so that we can check the selector and make a dynamic selector

That is the only way i think


Sometimes these date picker fields only accept the correct format and you can paste a date with the correct format in there.

You could try defining the date as “dd/MMM/yyyy”, then use a Set to Clipboard activity and use Send Hotkey activity with Ctrl + V to paste the date in.

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That time how to we select date’s dynamically.

How to we get?

yah did we try with copy paste method as @lukasziebold suggested
like that field if takes in such way of input then we can pass the input date string format we want as input to SET TO CLIPBOARD and use SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as ctrl+v so that it will paste that to the field
Cheers @vivek_sivam

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ok, as @lukasziebold said, try to assign “09/Dec/2019” in typeinto activity and try enabling the different options available and test, It it solves that would be great

Test once


If Type into is not working here then
Use Click activity or Select item for selecting Month and year
Then for date selection if you see the selectors there are table row
so for less than 22 date chose row from 3 if not exist then increment that value say 4 if exist then click else again increment

@lukasziebold Can you please give some steps how to i use that one.
@Palaniyappan how to use those things,i’m confused and it’s possible to create a flow

Hi, I thought I gave the steps, but here is how it could work:


Cheers, Lukas

Hi @vivek_sivam

Try to use set web attribute activity

Ashwin S

Hi @lukasziebold
Where should i need to add this flow. Before the date selection or after the selection how to we integrate ? Once i add the above flow it will works for the date selection based on the current date to past two dates.

Hi Guys
Help me on above query please