Checkbox State

How to receive the checkbox status of the UiPath.Form.Activities activity?


Hi @JoeV

Based on the selector and property as aastate in Get Attribute Activity


Ashwin S

Hi @JoeV

I tested it for a bit and it seems like the Form returns the result as a boolean variable. See here:

I hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! Now it worked for me …:love_you_gesture:


Hello @JoeV, I faced same issue, Could please tell me what will be the result in your case ? Is it “Brasil” or “True/False” Value ? If possible share your example. Thanks in Advance

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For every check I make it will be true.

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So not able to get Brazil as output, right?

Hi @hsendel

You can use Select Box component.

You will get the selected value as true, you can check the output and process it.


If you only want <ex:brazil> to be assigned to workflow variable, then try to use dropdown control.

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Thanks @Tamilselvan, Could you please help with the attached example? Thx in advance (25.0 KB)

Still not working for me :disappointed_relieved:

Hello @Tamilselvan, Any update on this ?Thx

I worked it without the Select Boxes Component, and with respect to your list of countries can you explain how you will get the value? (61.0 KB)

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You can share your example to see how to obtain the values of the checkbox using the Select Boxes Component

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Thanks @JoeV,
You can use same attached example, and as you can see, when you input your Last Name and First Name, you will not get “Gendre” and " Country" selected as output, as follows:

Input :


But for me I need to have the following output:
Michale John Male Germany

You can use a Activity IF on Gender.

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Thanks @JoeV, Could you please include this feature in above shared example, I don’t know how to achieve it.
I need to have Gendre Type: Male or Female instead of True/False
and Country Name instead of “System.String []”

Thanks in advance

Hello @JoeV, any update so far?

Only do the Gender Type, if you can get it from the country, you share it. (24.5 KB)

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I got the following error when opening the file :

Could not find type ‘UiPath.Form.Activities.FormActivity’ in assembly ‘UiPath.Form.Activities’. Row: 84, Column: 6

I attach the right (60.4 KB)

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