Hi while checking the check-box the value of the check box has store in the database so i need the value of the check box

Hello @abinaya.shankar

Can you please more clarity on the requirement? Are you trying to check the value of a checkbox in an application?


Hi i have created the Ui path form in that i have a multiple check box. I need the value of the check box which is selected.
For Example: In the attached screenshot i have selected the “High Blood Pressure”,
i need the value as high Blood Pressure.


There are two ways to fulfil your requirements,
1 - FormFieldsOutputData which gives json output, deserilize Json and convert it to json object or dictinary

2 - pass the checkbox feild key to another variable through collections in propery as argument as out

If it is an JSON i can get the value as true or False .
if it is dictionary then it is showing Error.

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Hello, Refer to the workflow if the workflow is not helpful for you to edit the checkboxes to select boxes

Main.xaml (26.1 KB)

Hi Yesterday I Have tried for the whole form which I have created but I am Getting the output only as “SUBMIT”.


I ran the same workflow I got the output

Forum.zip (415.5 KB)