Get the value form check box




Hai iam just trying to extract the checked box data into one variable can anyone suggest how we can do these.


Can you check the selector using the UiExplorer to see if the selector for the check box changes based on if the box is checked or not?

If so, you can check for an element exists based for both the checked box selector and the unchecked box selector.


As i checked both the selectors it showing false there is no difference in the selectors.


Hi @ushu,

Use uiexplorer to get exact selector.
First check the selector without checking check box. And do the same thing with checked the check box. Some thing may differ.

I am not sure use get attributes activity to get the attributes value for the selector.(aaname,title,text, etc.,)

Arivu :slight_smile:


Sure @arivu96 has i tried with the get attribute activity also and i also used the image exists activity but nothing worked for me any how will try again .
Any suggestion on these would be very helpful for my task


@ushu, Are you able to get the selector for the check box???
If yes send the screenshot using uiexplorer


@ushu, Can you check in property window I can able to see Checked field, so can you try using get attributes “Checked”



@arivu96 i have tried this get attribute activity but not checked filed false is their how i need to pass the variable didnt understand do you have any sample workflow please share with me


Hi @ushu,

Refer this link I hope you will understand.

Arivu :slight_smile: