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I am using UiPath to interact with ServiceNow. I need to get some information from specific tickets; so, I have created a CSV file with the list of tickets. I am using then, the search capability in ServiceNow web page; but sometimes I am loosing some characters when the robot is typing the ticket number.

Any help would be appreciated.


Kindly ensure that these properties are enabled in the type into activity
simulate type
click before typing
waitforready property set as complete
delaybetweenkeys set as 2000 milliseconds

Cheers @mesalcan



I have implemented your suggestions; but now, the enter key I was sending, its not working as now it appears as text along with the ticket number.



We’ve had this problem with some systems. The only solution we found for critical data was to type the input, then do a ‘get text’ on it to check the correct value had been input.

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Use SimulateType to input the text, then use a seperate click activity to submit (or a seperate type into activity without SimulateType used to type the enter key)

Also small side note, but no need to use the EmptyField property when using SimulateType since it automatically empties the field. You also don’t need to use such a large delaybetweenkeys when using simulate type. That is what I would recommend only when SimulateType and SendWindowsMessagse are NOT checked.

We found with our system it was still mistyping, even if we used this method - we tried all the methods, and increasing the delay between keys etc.

:white_check_mark: We found the only solution was to use the “Type Into” activity, then use the “Get Text” activity on the same field, and compare the values. We set it to attempt the input three times before throwing an exception.

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