Type Into Losing Open Parantheses on Specific Website

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share this bit of weirdness to see if anyone else is encountering the same issue:

When I use the Type Into action on this particular website (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/) on Chrome and set it to SimulateType, all open parenthesis (i.e. “(”) do not get passed into the search box regardless of whether I’m passing a string variable or typing an actual string into the UiPath Type Into text field. The rest of the string gets passed into the browser fine, which is the really weird part. This also doesn’t happen with any other website I’ve used UiPath on.

The strings that I typically use for searching in this website are usually too long to use the other 2 types of Type Into, but I’ve gotten around the issue by using send-hotkey to paste the string I want into the box. However, I am curious to see whether anyone had encountered this before on other websites.

Did we set DelayBetweenKeys property in Type into activity with some time stamps like around 2000 so that it will ensure that all characters will be typed and also enable Sendwindowmessage property instead of Simulate type property

Cheers @rc2080

Thanks, Palaniyappan.

If I use the SendWindowMessage, it works fine. I just find it curious that the SimulateType can work incompletely.

This happens regardless of where and how often the "("s show up in your string so I don’t think it’s something to do with ensuring enough time for the characters to be typed out. It also works fine on other websites without having to put in a delay.

Yah of course? putting DelayBetweenKeys between each characters is not the only remedy but can ensure that the keys strokes are executed for sure while typing
Because simulate type is much faster than default and even the send window message property and it is purely based on the target application
Some the string literals might work or may not and using sendwindowmessage at those situations might help us either as it is some how slower in execution when compared to the simulate type property
For more details on how simulate and sendwindowmessage works

Cheers @rc2080