Changing the SSL Certificate for UiPath Orchestrator Website

How to change the certificate if it gets expired in Orchestrator, v2020.4.x onwards?

  1. Import the certificate under Personal folder using the mmc, certificates console;
  2. Ensure that the certificate is installed in the trusted root authorities folder if you are using a self-signed certificate as well and as per the prerequisites;
  3. Update the certificate thumbprint in the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\Identity\appsettings.Production.json.
  4. Find the thumbprint by viewing the certificate details:


  1. Give access for managing the private keys of the certificate for the user that runs the application pool, from the same Microsoft certificates console:


  1. Add IIS_IUSR as well in the users along with the application pool user.
  1. Open IIS Manager and modify the binding for the UiPath Orchestrator website:
  1. Run CMD as admin and execute "iisreset";
  2. Browse the website and check if the certificate has been loaded correctly: