CHange License Information



How do I change license information for my UiPath Studio, Robot and Orchestrator.

I have studio, robot and orchestrator running on vendor license. I need to change the information as I bought new licenses. I need to stop using vendor license and update it with the license I bought. How do I do that?


Hi Manas,

fallow below step for Studio & robot

  1. Delete existing license folder( before delete backup the license folder)
    start -> run -> type "%Programdata%, it will open new windows then UiPath-> UiPath-> License folder
  2. Restart UiPath service
  3. open UiPath it will prompt you for activation. activate UiPath studio and robot with new key.



Thank you, this seems to be one way of achieving it, hoping similar approach works for Orchestrator and Robot.
I was wondering, can we ask UiPath team to update it from server? as all the license details are stored with them as well.


Deleting local license info is only doing part of the job - you’ll be able to register new license, but old one is still used (as far as license checks are considered).

Depending on your used version it might vary a little bit, but take a look here for starters:

If not sufficient, search for topics about license, unregister, deactivate etc. - sometimes you need to use some Google-fu like abilities :wink:
Lastly, if you can’t find a dependable solution on your own (or you’re unsure if a particular license has been correctly unregistered), contact UiPath support - keeping licenses correctly assigned is in their benefit as well as it prevents “but we had licenses left!” complaints in the future.