Take a screenshot and save it in a Doc

Hi there!
I need to take a screenshot of various web pages and save it in a Word document. I know how to take screenshots, but how can I save it in a word document?

Hi @nishantsingh,

Refer this one.
screenshotToWordDoc.xaml (10.0 KB)



Hey it worked out well. But in some cases, my webpage size does’t fit 1 screen. So how do I screenshot that entire page at 1 go?

Hi @nishantsingh,

I had similar challenge and had to use the firefox browser and a plugin named fireshot (if I remember correctly), to take the entire page screen shot.

Shiju Mathew

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Hi All,
I am able to take screenshot and save it in word file but First I want to add a name to the screen shot and then take the snap. In my project the sequence should be name1 - snapshot1 ; name2 - snapshot2. So on.

Please help.


HI @arivu96.
The last activity used after save image is showing as “Unresolved activity”.
Could you please send the screenshot of the activity here.
I need this for my project.

could you please send.

Hi @shalu.mittal, uipath version? pls send the error screenshot.