Can't select the in Data Time Picker

Hello guys,

I’m having some issue with select data in time picker.
I have an type into and this writes the data correctly but in the calendar stays wrong.
For example if I type 01/01/2021-01/31/2021 in the calendar stays 01/01/2021-01/31/2022.
I’m using in the amazon website.
Do you know any solution for this situation?

Thank you.

Hi @david.c.santos

You Can use Type Into activity and type the date instead of selecting from Date picker.


Hi @Gokul001

I’m using type into but the problem is that the Start date works but the last date doesn’t.
If the last date is 1/31/2021 on the calendar select from the date start until 1/31/2022.
And for the filters is the calendar that matters.

Hi @david.c.santos

Refer the thread


Hi @david.c.santos ,

Is ti possible to paste the Website URL of the page where the Date Picker is present ?