How i can select date from date picker

Dear All,
i unable to use click or get text or scrap data or any activity on calendar.
please help…

thanks a lot


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Hi @Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed

If you can able to type the date in the textbox


Hi @Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed

Try with typing in the field rather than selecting it from picker using type into activity

thanks @Gokul001

i unable to type anything in textbox .it will accept date from mouse click.
when i am using any activity on calendar pop up .i am getting below error.

even i install all required extension and i able to grab data from calendar from other web based application like makemytrip…


Hi @Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed

Have you tried with different other browser.


Dear @Gokul001 ,
yes I have tried different browser but result is same.

I don’t under why any activity not able to get any data from the calendar pop up window…

Dear @Gokul001 ,
when i used any activity the calendar controls looks like below image


can you show me selectors ?

Hello @Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed

Try this, it may helps you
1.Use type into Activity
2. Change the property of AlterifDisabled and SimulateType to true
3. Pass the date in desired format MM/dd/yyyy
4.If need , click empty fiel property as true

when i am trying to use activity i get below message and i updated my chrome and edge extensions
but i tried other website like makemytrip there is no issue…


@Gokul_Jayakumar thanks a lot…

first of all no activity is working on that calendar popup . i get below message and my extensions are updated and i tried chrome and edge browser


Off and On the uipath extension in your browser
Reload the page and check it

Are you using it in incognito mode??
If yes, Trun On and allow mode in uipath extesion

download the uipath extension and enable in your browser , if you done already please try to reinstall extension

@Gokul_Jayakumar i am not using ignito mode

@Veera_Raj . i will try that again

@Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed If possible kindly share the link of website.

i can share this selector for type into

@Veera_Raj . i done this but no use

@Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed , Check the properties and input date format