How to select the calendar date?


How to select the date in calendar in a efficient way?

Hi @MexaJames

Is the ui element that you are trying to select the date a date time picker? And also, is it possible to type in the date in the element without selecting it from the drop down of the calendar?

Recently I was working on a similar case, and in the it had the capability to type in the date. So I used a type into activity to type in the date I want and that was the best way to handle it efficiently. That’s why I asked whether it is possible I your case :slight_smile:


Check this thread. May be it will help to you.

Selecting Date from Calendar - #11 by Abhirup_Das

Hi, anyway to read date from csv file and automatically select the date from calendar drop down? In my case it is not possible to type in the date but I have to click the date from the drop down.

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