Selecting date from date picker

I need to select back date from data picker as shown in image.Can anyone suggest logic to automate this?


Hello @rkrahul5565,

I know this sounds dumb, i have tried it and it worked for me.

Instead of selecting the date from date picker, try to use “type into” activity and write the date you want in the same format.

I hope this will help you.

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Urvesh Mistry

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Its developed in such a way,that type into not working @urvesh.mistry

Well in that case you have to play with the selectors by passing dynamic values.

Try to get the deep understanding of date picker elements in UiExplorer.

Maybe this will help you to ease your work.

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Urvesh Mistry

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You can try with your date variable as 23-10-2020 format

for that check below
Convert Date & Time Format Tutorial

Once you done, try with Set Text activity with the converted date

Hope this helps you

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