Can't run "non-background" task when RDP session is minimised or closed


  • Orchestrator (web version) community edition (trial)
  • UiPath Studio 2019.3.0
  • Windows server 2016 running Windows 10


  1. Created a simple test workflow which opens notepad, types some text, saves file to a directory
  2. RDP into server and start Robot
  3. Start job from orchestrator web client


  • The job succeeds when the RDP window is open, but fails when RDP window is minimised or closed
  • Background tasks (SendWindowMessages / Simulate Click) run fine when minimised. Only tasks which have both options unchecked fail

Attempted Solutions:

Neither of the above has solved this issue


Any help with this would be much appreciated :grinning:


Community version won’t work when RDP session is minimised or closed.

Thanks @lakshman

I was unclear whether it was even possible to execute tasks in a minimised session without the Send Window Message / Simulate Click options enabled.

If this is actually possible then I’ll look into getting the enterprise version.


We have to enable this options to work in back ground and also we need enterprise edition to work on this.

@lakshman so just to confirm. Is it possible to run the task in the screenshot below, while RDP is minimised, in the Enterprise version? Or does one of those 2 options have to be checked for it to work?



Yes, you have to enable one of the option to work. Enterprise Edition will support it and will work when you enable any one of the option. Community edition won’t support this even if you enable any one option.

Thanks for clarifying @lakshman

I ask because the application I am automating does not support running some tasks with either of those 2 background options - both options have to be unchecked for it to work.

I will need to look into some alternative RPA products to see if they can handle this scenario.


Have a look into this: