Automate Oracle Application

I am new to UI Path. I am not able to automate oracle application. When i am trying to take controls using recording feature. The whole window is going to select not the individual target. Please provide me a solution for it.
Ashish Garg

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How about UIExplorer and try to indicate on screen .
Or just drop click/ image activity and try to indicate of screen .

Yeah Its a good idea to use UIExplore but there are so many windows. Its too complex to use UI Explorer for Oracle application.

This is a selection issue which will be fixed in the upcoming 2017.1 service pack (hopefully in 1-2 weeks from now)



Thanks Adrian. Will you please let me know whenever its done.

I think @badita will announce it on the forum as he usually does


Hi adrain,

could you please confirm is this update published and relesed?
if not please let me know, when you are going to release.


Hi Prasad,

Yes, this is done in the latest release(2017.1 SP1).

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Thanks ovi.

I am using UiPath 2017, Studio 2017.1.6522, Community Edition . I am not able to automate oracle application.i tried both web recording and citrix as well.Ui Explorer also not working for multiple forms in oracle application.Please provide me a solution.


Hi Prasad,

Are you able to identify elements in other java based applications(with Java extension installed)?

Try to troubleshoot java extension(just to be sure it’s correctly installed):

Identifying the elements(selectors) depends on the application. If the app has hidden the the accessibility of UI elements due to security reasons, Citrix and HotKeys should do the trick.
From what i understand, the issue is with the editable fields. Sometimes the one you see on the screen is not the “real” one. The real editable control is created when click the first box. So make sure the selector indicates the right element: use UiExplorer and UiPath Studio debugger to highlight the edit box and see if it’s the real one.

Can you provide Oracle app version, Java version on your system, Java version of the Oracle app?


Hi ovi,

Are you able to identify elements in other java based applications(with Java extension installed)?
-> I tried with only Oracle Application EBS

Troubleshoot java extension
-> I troubleshooted the java extension, but i didn’t found any issues

The following versions am using:
Java Version in machine : java 8 update 151(build 1.8.0_151-b12)
Oracle Application Version : 12.2.5
Oracle App Java Version : 1.7.0_85

Please let me know if you want more information.


Hi Prasad

I faced the same issue and I found some work around.

Key here is forms should not OVERLAP each other while recording in UiPath studio :slight_smile: . There is no issue in keeping forms windows overlapped while running but while recording we must keep forms windows away from each other.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Prasad,

Hope you doing good on Oracle forms automation.
If not then let me know the issues you are facing same?

Vivek S.

Hi ,

Can we automate oracle payroll processing(E Biz R12) using Uipath.

Hello we are getting below error while using element exist in Oracle


Let me know anyone faced same and resolved.


Have any one solve this question? I use Uipath get Oracle Application still can’t get table data.

Could any one support solution? Thanks a lot!