Will the Uipath Supports Oracle forms..!

I am working on the oracle forms. Can you please give information does the UiPath works for Oracle forms

Try installing JAVA extension in uipath tools and then check whether it is able to find the fields and all @tanuja_chowdary

Just a try

Sure Hareesh …Thank you
i will give a try

Hi @tanuja_chowdary

are you able to automate oracle forms?

i have the similar requirement pls let me know

Hi there,

Any news on the test or progress ?

I am working on a case with Oracle Form. From other posts, it seems that currently only hot keys and Citrix activities are the only ways to deal with it.

Here in HK/China we have equally ERP market share between Oracle EBS and SAP in manufacturing, and for UiPath supporting Oracle Form is definitely an advantage.


Hi @Snowman

To the best of my knowledge,
UiPath is supporting the oracle EBS application just we need to enable the java extension.

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Hi Karun,

Thanks for your reply. Is it this package ? The UI Explorer still cannot recognize the UI Element there. Is there any further settings needed ?

The Java Runtime Environment is 1.6.


No need to install any package
we need to install the java extension which is available in tools tab in UIPath Studio

we need to restart the oracle application after successfully installing the java extension before indicating the elements

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Oops! thankyou very much for your indication. Will try after the holiday.

Happy Chinese New Year !

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Best wishes and happiness throughout the New Year :raised_hands:

Hi Karun,

Hope everybody on your side is all well. The virus is hitting us all, and take care.

I have tested according to your advice and it works.

Thanks a lot !