Oracle Forms issue on server

Hello EVeryone,

I have developed a code where oracle java forms are used. i tested in Dev env and everything works fine. Once i move to UAT it is unable to identify selectors.

Any suggestions.

Really appreciate for your response. Please find the below screenshot


Hi @Chaithanya_Rayankula

Two things first check if the names of the main windows are dynamic and also generally we see that on different environments of Oracle we have few extra elements because of which the idx changes so avoid using it .

Providing more details on selector would help in identifying the correct cause


Hi Anil,

Thanks for replying. This is the selector im using.


Hi @Chaithanya_Rayankula ,

Is the bot environment same? If not then please check if the java extension is installed and the path variable is added in env variables and also the uat url is added in the java security options menu.



No they are not same. I’m running on UAT server where there is no Uipath studio Installed. How can we check java extension in server?

uat url is added in the java security options menu- what does this mean? can you explain it more clear.

Really appreciate it.

Hi @Chaithanya_Rayankula

Please refer to below docs

Refer the below post on how to install java extensions from cmd

and use the below command in cmd


Replace the above with your path accordingly and this should install java extrension.

For activating JAB try following this



@Anil_G Thank you. This issue is with java extension

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