Can't Find Selector in Website


I am not able to perform web automation. So I tried using Citrix Automation. But still having issues. Not able to select item from drop down list and not able to select dates in date picker.
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Need guidance. thanks


Try with IE it’s working fine for me. :slight_smile:
Chrome its not.

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In case you want to stick to chrome:

  1. Get attribute “Src” of the iframe.
  2. open in a new tab the src
  3. then perform the selection of drop down.

Attached sample workflow: Main.xaml (16.9 KB)

you are legend… thanks man

anyway why this is happening ? why not working in chrome?

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write now I can use IE. However, for future projects this might be useful.

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Hi Dilip, Yes you are correct, i tried in Google chrome which is considering “Quick Quote” frame but not able to recognize inside objects. Chrome extension is available and working fine. I am just concern, is it not a limitation ? how can we overcome this. please advice.

I just saw your script. it’s a painful process. but good approach!

Nothing like limitation, IE is recommended and used as default browser by UiPath and its identifies many selector attribute compare to Chrome/Firefox not only with above site but most of the site.

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What can I do to pick previous dates from date picker? Can’t input text.

Example car registration dates.

please advice



Thank! this approach worked for me grt!

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