Selecting calendar date on website

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I need to select date from which has a drop down calendar. I tried using click text, click using OCR, selector and selector wildcards. It won’t identify the element. Is there some other way I can access it.

Use click event and in the selector aaname (which has the date value you clicked)pass the variable(which user would like to pass) .
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Hi I found the solution useful but what format do you follow. i tried dd/mm/yyyy and dd-mm-yyyy but it selected a wrong date

just take out the date field from the dd-MM-yyyy ordd/MM/yyyy.

I mean when I entered 12/09/2017 it selects 10th october. If i entered only 25 then it selects 25th on the selected month correctly but if entered 25th aug or 25/08/17 or 25 08 17 or 25-08-17 then selects a wrong date

Because selector attribute aaname takes only one value (date) which you clicked.
If aaname would have taken attribute in the dd-MM-yyyy format then you could’ve passed the variable date as 25-08-2017.
You should use other logic to find out which month/year to identify.

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Hi @niranjan7988

how can we select automatically with current month & date