Unable to find a proper selector for drop down selection

Dear All,

I am trying to find a proper selector on the ‘Search by Estate Keyword’ page of the following website for selecting a proper item in the ‘Zone’ dropdown after matching it against an entry in Excel.

(Take a look at this image carefully and notice which page I am on carefully)

Property valuation tool | Mortgages| HSBC HKBook2.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Can anybody help me to implement this step? I have tried both click and select item activity by editing the selector using UiExplorer.

Please advise.

@nadim.warsi @neonova @aksh1yadav

use simulate click .or else you can use two clicks for selecting the drop down item

@Vidwa, I tried that too. Doesn’t work.

use recording and see whats the difference.

Hey @farhan94, I have already implemented it in the workflow but it doesn’t work.
Did you try automating my process? can you do it for the website that I have mentioned in the case?

@Tom1989 you want to select the zone according to the excel sheet ryt?

This selector works

<html app='chrome.exe' title='HSBC Property Valuation Tool | HSBC HK' />
<webctrl parentid='hdx_dijits_form_Select_6_menu' tag='TABLE' />
<webctrl id='dijit_MenuItem_1*_text' tag='TD' aaname='" + variable + "' />

SelectItem.xaml (9.8 KB)

@vidwa, Yes

if so you can do it like this,but remember this is possible because theres only three items in the drop down. only difference in the selectors of every dropdown item is the menuItem Number as you can see in the attachment. you can use a variable to pass the values acccording to the excel.if it’s hongkong send value 13,kowloon - 14 and new teritories/Island - 15

You should remove the “id” attribute from the target element selector and use the “aaname” where the value is set dynamically, from the variable you take from the excel file.

Checkout the attached workflow, should work fine.
Main.xaml (8.5 KB)

Hey @Tom1989

please find attached sample and let me know :slight_smile:

SampleTom.xaml (13.7 KB)


@aksh1yadav I am receiving following error - similar to the one that I got:

it is working fine for me :slight_smile: let me recheck at my end. which browser your using .just you are running my file alone or ?

Hi @aksh1yadav, I am running it on Google Chrome.

Hey @Tom1989

Change that with IE Then my sample will wokr i used IE :slight_smile:


hey @aksh1yadav, I ran it on IE first, I still got the same error. :smiley:

Attached here is my workflow - Take a look

Also, refer to the excel document attached previously and ignore the unconnected sequences in the workflow.

Main.xaml (38.7 KB)

@Silviu @Vidwa

Hey @Tom1989

Please find this one Main(7).xaml (37.3 KB)

Note- And i have to say please go through with academy you need it. i can not do things all time like this only. have many other work too :slight_smile:
Hope you will take my advice in a positive way.


Haha @aksh1yadav, Yes, feel free to address my queries whenever you have time. I understand that you keep busy but I also have many hiccups on ongoing projects.

I sincerely admire your intervention and suggestions.

I have already completed all UiPath certifications but UiPath does not let us to work on real projects and we do not really come across such challenges in the simple projects in the courses.

Again, pardon me for bothering you but I guess that’s how we all can grow. :slight_smile:

Hey @Tom1989

I appreciate and i do not mind to offer help every time. you can see i am one of the oldest one here.

But i can see even i have mentioned things with sample i was not able to see the changes their in the file like browser was still Chrome and selectors was not as per my sample. and so and you were using click image to select tab and so…

and i guess from my experience Academy is offering good content on basic things rest upto you to use them wherever you or we can :wink:

Anyway whatz the output. the file now working?

It always work for me at my end :wink: haha :wink:


@aksh1yadav, Iam facing trouble with Google chrome. It works fine with IE.

Anyway, Let me automate this process with IE then.

Thanks. :wink: