SelectorNotFound error for all activities in chrome

I am trying to automate an web application called eBao. Whatever activities I use, throws an exception “SelectorNotFound”. Even when I tried to generate selectors from UiExplorer and add the attributes like aaname, it shows the pop up “Changes made the Selector invalid”. I am unable to proceed because of this issue. The UiPath version I use is 2016.2.6379.

The moment I scrap the element and run my code, that exception is thrown. Even I have used Attach browser/Window and found no use. Please help!

@kbk install uipath chrome Extension

Bro. It’s been done already. This issue is quite unique… :frowning_face:

Did u tried using internet explorer

The site doesn’t work on IE. Have to use only chrome. No other browsers.

Check out your DotNet Framework…

Yes bro. But the issue is persisting from the beginning. Didn’t work even a single time. I tried all the possible ways like reinstalling the plugins and changing the extensions setup in the browser. Nothing worked. The .net framework is also 4.6 and above.

This will happen because of DotNet Framework,.did you get a chance to remove your dotnet frame work and re install it.
That will fix lot of unknown issues. also what OS you are using. please advice.

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Hi @kbk ,
Can we have url and what your trying to automate (mention simple steps ).

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No. I didn’t reinstall my .Net Framework. OS is Windows 7.


I just need to enter the ClaimId in the ClaimID textbox. Claim Id details with multiple rows will be loaded. I have to choose the correct claim based upon my business rules and proceed. No where UiPath works in this website. I entered few steps manually and tried automating but got the same issue.

Better, re install DotNet Framework. also install SDK. that will fix lot of
same issues. I got the same problem on my VM and i did the same.

Thanks Kelchuri. I will try that and find. :slight_smile: