UiPath Explorer

I am getting the error: “cannot find ui object for the selector you have provided” when using the UiPath Explorer to select the username field from this URL https://importexpressonline.dhl.com/iea/jsps/login/Login.jsp?

Why is that?

I am trying to automate the creation of an AWB, it works until the popup of the receiver address. At that point the selector the the find field would not work. I spend a long time trying to figure out why it would not work using the UiExplorer. Then to my surprise, even the login page fields would not work using the UiExplorer.

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Did you try with IE.
Looks like you didn’t add the Chrome extension.

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I have it installed.


click marked icon in uiexplorer to indicate that input filed.

Yes, I click on that and that is how I got the selector. Then when I click validate it gives the error. So the “Select Target Element” works, it brings in the selector, but when I click validate it fails.

The whole automation fails for the same reason when I have to click submit on a popup window. I get the following:

try with this

<html app='chrome.exe' title='DHL Import Express - Login' />
<webctrl idx='1' tag='TABLE' />
<webctrl tableCol='2' tableRow='5' tag='TD' />

Will you share your workflow? and tried with IE as well?

same error. You should be able to easily try it for yourself. Does it work for you?

Yes working for me.

Yes, works on IE. So I should not use chrome?

Well it is not about chrome or IE. Uipath best suites with IE when it comes to automation Because IE is a native windows Browser on Windows Seven. chrome also should work like it is working for me but may be some extension requirements are not fulfilling or something else not sure. It is a java servelet pages sites so have you installed java as well from uipath studio setup extension?

UiPath support IE by default. Its much better than chrome in identifying the attribute.
Anyways it should work with chrome if selector is valid.
Update chrome is available.

Thank you. After a total of 18 hours of work, I was able to get past this apparently strange problem and my workflow is finally working. The real issue was not the login page, it was a modal window that the automation script would not recognize any element within. I did try it before with explorer but it also did not work. This time, after getting your feedback, I switched to IE, but I also recaptured all the click elements using IE and now the flow is working. So lesson learned (right or wrong!), you cannot simply change chrome to IE and expect it to work!

Thank you for the help.