Cant deactivate user

I cant remove this user, and the user dosn’t have permission to orchestrator.

When i try to deactivate i get the : error Not found (#1002)


Hey @eltmo

I hope that’s not a root super admin user.

If not, you will need to first remove the user role & then try deactivating or removing please.


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i have removed, but i am not able to deactivate

Any error message you got for it please ?

I get the : error Not found (#1002)

the person is not visible under Accounts & Groups

Looks like the account is removed then !

But it is not removed, because when i try to add the person again, it says that a user with that email is already registrered.

Please share some snap…

When deactivating - Kevin Christensen
In Administration:

Now i was able to create him again with the e-mail, but it still says not found when i try to deactivate him

I can see Kevin user still has roles assigned.

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Thank u so much

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Cool buddy :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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