Can't delete user in Assign Roles


Issue I’m facing is I can’t delete user in tab menu “Assign Role”
what I’ve done is

  1. I created user “User A” in UIPath Management > Accounts & Groups > Users, with automation users, admin and developers

  2. In UIPath Orchestrator, I assign role to the user “User A” that I’ve created with high level roles

  3. then I tried to delete this “User A” in orchestrator
    but the link icon “delete” is disabled. so I thought it will disappear if I delete in UIPath Management

  4. back to the UIPath management, I delete the “User A”. then back in the UIPath Orchestrator, the “User A” still exist in Tenant > Manage Access menu.

I can view user info, but can’t update or delete
because of this, I can’t assign new role, it will prompt “user exists”

Please help

Martin Wijaya

Firstly check if you have Tenant Administrator access from TENANT>Users,

And then delete the user from Tenant. create new with what all roles you want.

I’ve tenant administrator access. But still I’m not able to remove user.