While Trying To Deactivate Or Edit The Robot, It Throws The Error Not found(#1002)

How to deactivate or edit the robot, when it throws the error Not found(#1002)?

Issue Description: This issue is because the robot/user belonged to an admin user which has been deleted but at the "Manage Access" tab they still appear and the license is still consumed by them. In order to delete them and release the license, remove the user from the admin role.

Resolution: In order to be able to delete/ deactivate the user/ Robot, follow the next steps,

  1. On the "Manage Access" page, go to "Roles" tab
  2. Then hit the three dots of the Administrator Role, then select "Manage Users"
  3. Find the user that you need to delete, and try to remove it from the admin role
  4. After removing the Administrator role, you should be able to delete the user/robots.