User does not exist in any organization

Hi, recently my colleague deleted my account, robot and all from one of our Orchestrators and tried to reset them. For some reason (I wish I could tell what exactly was reconfigured by him), now I can no longer access the Orch, getting this message: “User does not exist in any organization. Please reach out to your administrator, and ask them to add you to an organization”. I am also getting a strange message when someone else tries to delete my Administrator role: “Email can not be changed for this user” - even though we are not touching this email field and it’s inactive - and as a result, we can’t delete this admin role or apply any changes in the settings. What might be interesting, after my colleague’s initial reset, my user account has downloaded my new email address, while other Orchestrators, where I still have an access to, still apply my old address. Can this different email address be the source of the problem? What can be causing this sudden loss of my Orchestrator access? All the old settings seem to be in place again (apart from this new email address).