Cannot use community edition uipath when installing first time

For the first time, i had setup UI Path in my brand new personal laptop and when trying to install community edition, i get this below error. I am very sure, i never installed UI path in this machine. please help


Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: Cannot use Community Edition on this machine after activating a trial or Enterprise license code. Please enter a valid license key.
License status: Device ID already activated

Device ID: OIOM41qExHYMF85yQyXS
User Name: user

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code):

Studio/Robot version:

Current behavior:



Try this steps:

  1. Delete existing license folder
    start -> run -> type "%Programdata%, it will open new windows then UiPath-> UiPath-> License folder

  2. delete uipath folder under from %Appdata% folder
    Then install UiPath .

Sorry to say it DIDN’T help. Can you please suggest me something else?


Follow below threads:

Thanks @lakshman I created robot as mentioned. Still i get the same issue when i open the UIPath. Additional info. After i perform the above mentioned steps, i see the Robot is in DISCONNECTED STATUS. Is that the reason? Can you please help?


Could you please help me with screenshot and then will check it.

Please find the below screenshot

@senthilnadhi installed UIPath first time on his system and getting error like ‘Device already activated’.

@ovi @loginerror
Could you please help him to resolve this error.

Thanks @lakshman. Eagerly awaiting have this issue resolved and try my first automation. please help @ovi @loginerror

@senthilnadhi when opening Studio did you select Acquire license from Orchestrator?

Yes. I did that. @ovi

When using choosing Orchestrator option, i get this below error


Could not obtain license. Please check Robot connection to Orchestrator or activate a local license.

please check the screenshot of the error

@senthilnadhi if your problem still persisted, please be aware that starting with 2019.4 version we have fixed it. Download the latest Studio from here: and let me know if you can activate the free license now.

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