Orchestrator robot is busy for very long long time

Orchestrator robot is busy for very long long time, Help me stop its process or to delete it.

as in Busy status Remove is disabled.

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Hey @indrajit.shah,

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Is there any job which is in the running stage on this robot machine?

If yes then you have to kill or stop the job first and if that does not work then go to the robot machine and kill the uipath agent from the task manager.

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I am unable to delete or update my robot in UIPath orchestrator.
Getting an error “An error has occured” While performing any of the above said action.

Please help me in resolving the issue if anyone have any idea regarding the same.


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Hi, @amarasto than you for you reply, I didn’t see any job running, all though i had closed the UiPath studio and robot and now the Orchestrator robot is Unresponsive. Still i want to delete it.

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@PrabhuViswa check the status of the robot.

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Status is Disconnected.

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@amarasto, thanks buddy, and i had solved the issue.

@PrabhuViswa do one thing, close the UiPath studio and UiPath Robot and go to services and search for services for UiPath and start the service and open the UiPath Robot and connect the robot and then check.

I resolved my issue this way only.


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