Triggers not showing my robot

Hi All,

I am trying to create a trigger but my robot is not showing in trigger section.
Although i have bind the environment variable to the robot but still it is not showing.
Anything else that i am missing ?



Hello @kumaranmol777.
Kindly check the following:

  • The robot is running.
  • The robot is connected.
  • The robot is Unattended.
    • Starting from the latest versions, you can no longer run Studio type robots via Orchestrator.

Hope this solves your issue. If not, feel free to reply and we’ll try to help you out.

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Hi Ben,

I am using studio server as robot as well.
All other things checked.
But if that is the issue, why are processes being published to studio robot and not triggers ?


Hi @kumaranmol777

Please make sure that your robot is added to the Environment:

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To clarify…

Attended / Studio type robots can only start a job/process from the UiPath Assistant / Agent Desktop. If the Process created in an Environment or Modern Folder that you have permission to.

In order to start a job or create a Trigger from Orchestrator, the Robot must be of type Unattended or Non-Production.

This is a change that came with Orchestrator 20.3.


I am facing the same issue and i selected unattended.

Me encontré con el mismo detalle, pero revisé lo que comentó @loginerror y lo solucioné agregando el Robot que quería a mi Entorno.

Los pasos que utilicé son los siguientes:

1.- Dentro del Orquestador seleccioné ADMINISTRACION > ROBOTS >

 AquĂ­ pude visualizar el nombre de mi Entorno.

2.- Seleccioné Más Opciones > Administrar

3.- En el formulario que me mostró el Orquestador pude visualizar el Robot y lo seleccioné con un click en su recuadro.

4.- Por Ăşltimo dĂ­ click en ACTUALIZAR.

Después de éste proceso ya pude ver el nombre del Robot y pude seleccionarlo en DESENCADENADORES.

Saludos !

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