Robot not displayed in job/trigger setup UiPath Orchestrator


I am trying to specify a robot when setting up a process/a job in Orchestrator but the robot I’ve setup is not shown in the available robots list. Instead it just displays “no data to show”. I’ve created a Robot Robo1 and connected it to my environment so what am I missing here? Any assistance would be much appreciated.



RobotNotListedIssueUiPath.docx (204.0 KB)

@JeffNZ1 You can only start Jobs from the Orchestrator with an Unattended Robot. Can you change the Robot Type to Unattended and check ?

Hi - I can’t change my robot to unattended as there are no available licences - I am using Community UiPath version.

@JeffNZ1 Can you go to your Automation Cloud, Admin → Tenants → Click On the Settings Icon. You should be able to allocate the Licenses that are available. If you are using the Community version then you should be able to assign atleast One Unattended License. Then Click on Save.

Thanks for that!

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