Uipath breaks Internet Explorer 11 on W10 VDI enviroment

Hi there,

So I have a VDI environment for different departments, but in the Desktop pool where I have UIpath Internet Explorer 11 is not working at all, this is just happening for some users, I was testing with one user and if he opens internet explorer as administrator the web browser works again, unfortunately, this is not a solution because of the CyberSecuirty policies in my company. This issue its only happening in the Desktop pool where UIpath is installed and making some google it looks that a lot of people have issues with IE and UIpath

Try this solution: then restart IE.

We had a weird problem that we now think it was because of IE. Some processes would work and some not. It would work only if simulate click is active and IE would always open inactive. And it only happens on 1 out of 3 vdi machines.
This seems to solved our problem: