UiPath workflow failing to identify elements after autoupdated to studio.2018.1.3

I am trying to automate oracle website in Internet explorer and it is running perfectly fine until Uipath is updated.

I am using Community edition and Windows 10 OS.

When I tried to run the process, It is failing to identify ui elements.

How to rectify this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Hello I am also having this issue ! please advise ! A link to my question can be found below!

It explains what specifically I mean by it not spying.

@kothapradeepreddy are you getting a big blue screen over the internet window when you try and use the click activity etc . . ?

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Hello yusuf, I am not getting any blue screen, I can identify all the elements but when I am running the process, bot is not able to identify the elements and throwing an error as ui element not found.

To be precise, I have like 4 scripts, they worked fine until yesterday. All of sudden they are not working and throwing errors.
I am using CE, Windows 10… I don’t understand why it is throwing error and as you said it was working a while ago and stopped working suddenly.(May be update in the Uipath version caused the problem)

HI @kothapradeepreddy
Is the Error saying “The UiElement is not valid”

Ashwin S

Hello @AshwinS2,
Yes, It’s showing as element not found and not even trying to find the element.
Problem solved for now when I am using Uipath Studio 2017.1.6589.
But I don’t know why I am getting error when I am using 2018.1.3 version.
I also tried by killing all the robots, restart and all… But don’t know the reason.


Can you re-create the selectors for the uielements that are failing with 2018.1.3? Will this work?
All selectors fail or just some? Maybe its a problem with a specific type of selector…

We tried to reproduce the problem mentioned by kothapradeepreddy but without success.

Using the 17.1.6589 Community Edition installed on a Windows 10 Enterprise N x64 machine, we did workflows to automate Oracle home page in IE and another Oracle Form application. These workflows ran without problems after Studio was auto-updated to version 18.1.3 on the next restart.

@kothapradeepreddy, can you please give us more information?

  • What Windows version are you using exactly?
  • On what application / web page your workflow is no longer working?
  • Can you give us the workflow with the problems?

Thank you.

I am also facing the same problem

All selectors are failing

After recreating the selectors it is working fine.

But this should not be the correct solutions as I have to re-create all selectors in my project and the count is huge.

Please suggest the way forward.

I ve asked to recreate selectors just to make sure that the webpage works fine. We will investigate, can you provide a weblink where this happens if its poasible?

Hi @Gabriel_Tatu

After restarting the system it is working.

I have restarted UiPath several times but it did not resolve the issue. But after restarting the system it starts working.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Ok, this is weird. We ve tried to repro without success.

@Florin_Sora ,
I am usng

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Oracle CC&B
  • I am afraid that I cannot give the workflow

The problem is not rectified, I have restarted the system, Killed the robots and reslected the some of the selectors that are not working. But It’s again failing to run the bots successfully.

Same workflow is running perfectly with older version 17.1.6589.

Thank you.

Working also with 2018.1.3 , using Type into activity, I cannot update the default selector generated after Indicate on screen action. I opened UiExplorer and got the updated selector. After i include the updated selector, save the changes and enter again the activity Type into, I find the default selector.
It seems like I cannot update the default selector.