Need Help, can not explore IE11 elements

I need help on UiPath Studio 2019.1 (Community), which could not explore element on webpage(has sccreen capture2) of IE11. Even using UI Explorer on IE11, the result can reach only outer page level element(has screen capture1). But my friend next to me doesn’t have this problem. It used to work perfectly before upgrade (previous version 2018.2.3). Does anyone have any idea?

Screen Captuer1

Screen Capture2

Hi @mita29,

I have tested your situation . But for me it working fine. below I have attached screen shots. can you please elaborate you situation step by step . I try to give a solution.


Hi BalaReva,

Thank you for your reply, i have try on another PC and working fine. So, this is happen only on my PC.
Additional, this symptom happens on both IE and Chrome.