Issue in Installing uipath studio community edition

i have tried to install UiPath studio community edition in my local system for automation tasks

and i am downloading using the link mentioned in above imag5oe (Download) but when after installing from the process i am getting UiPath studioX in my system.

Is there any other way to install community edition?.


  1. First go to admin and then tenants and then allocate the licenses properly
  2. Allocate a automation developer license to the user…

Currently you have automation express license so youa re unable to see studio

Once the above changes are done in studio you can go to settings → license and profile → change profile and selecte tudio

Hope this helps


Are you able to switch profiles to Studio? Go to Settings → License and Profile → Change Profile

Please kindly check the above image

can you explain the steps clearly as i am new to the UiPath studio. I am not able to understand the steps completely.


Can you first confirm if your license type is community or free?..go to admin and then you can see this

if yes then from the left side tenants click on the tenant you created and go to licenses page…where you can click edit allocation and assign licenses


I have free plan and when i clicked the tenants i am seeing this

I am not able to see the licenses section.


With free plan you cannot use studio…

You have to create a new account with a different user to get community license and then you can access studio


@Anil_G Thanks for the support.
Issue resolved :grinning:

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