Can't access Studio, only StudioX

I’m trying to set up UiPath for school project. I’ve encountered an issue - I don’t see Studio Community Option, the app goes straight to StudioX.
Tried reinstalling on a different workstation - the result is pretty much the same.

I’d love any suggestions on fixing this.

Hi @przem ,

Could you maybe check the below posts :

You should also then check if you’re added to the Automation Developers group :

Have to admit I’m not sure what I should do. Under licenses I see “free plan” → “automation express”. What are the steps to get to Studio Community?

Do I need to create a new account? If I do - how do I remove current one, I don’t see such option. I’m super confused.


Can you check the following post?



Welcome to the community

You can either delete the organization from
The admin → settings → advanced menu and recreate with a community plan

Or you can use a new account id and create an organization in community again

Make surr you create in community and not as enterprise trail as it expires in 60 days again and will move to free plan once expired