Converting UiPath Studio X to Uipath Studio community

I’m currently having an issue with UiPath after switching PCs. Before I changed my machine I had access to UiPath community, I was able to switch between Studio X and Studio through the profile settings no problem. Now on my new machine after installing UiPath community while using the same login credentials when I load up UiPath I’m only able to access UiPath Studio X and do not have the profile option to switch to normal Studio.

I have had a look on orchestra to check if I have any licenses allocated to an extra machine but there is only 1 which is the new machine not too sure how to fix this.


The following post may help you.


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Thank you for your help this seems to have been the solution i was looking for. I have now converted my account to a community plan and have access to UiPath Studio.

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Hi @Griffiths_Pfebve

Could you please check and share your current license in the Admin settings?

There is a big chance that your Pro Trial was downgraded to a Free Enterprise Tier with only StudioX.

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