Hi, folks!

After this new UiPath Academy update, where can I download my diploma? I’ve completed it. My projects (assignment 1 and assignment 2) were validated too but I cannot download it.

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When you click “Diploma of Completion” a popup will appear saying that was sent to your email. check spam folder if you don’t see it in the inbox.

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It’s now showing up for me =/

Kinda weird right? Yesterday I was able to download despite low speed but today wasn’t able to

i have the same problem here… does anyone know why? or maybe the site is not stable yet?

it looks like that academy page is still unable to send or let anyone to download their diplomas.
@syifa.sari @Caio_Dultra @Seungwan You guys try talking in the post of the new academy design Discover the new UiPath Academy platform

Will do, thanks :facepunch:t2:

Hi, I found my diploma. It comes after 1 day from this address ( and for me it went in Junk. I found it today :slightly_smiling_face: I hope it helps