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Update 2 - UiPath Academy Migraiton

The new Academy is live.

The course catalog includes 50 courses designed with a user-centric approach, delivering a learning experience that mixes real-life automation scenarios and best practices.

Understand the new emerging roles in the Automation First Era by enrolling in our Learning Plans.

Your course progress has been migrated from the previous system, but there may be a slight delay until course progress becomes available on the new Academy.
To avoid confusion about the Course Naming Convention, we have prepared this document for you:

The document highlights the difference between OLD COURSE NAMES and NEW Course Names. The full Course Catalog and the Academy 1-pager Abstract are available on the dedicated Resources Page.

Please use this contact page to help us raise Academy related issues.

Thank you for your patience.

Update - UiPath Academy - Scheduled Maintenance

Thank you for your patience as we make upgrades to your UiPath Academy experience.

UiPath Academy will be temporarily unavailable as it undergoes maintenance during this time (approximately 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST)

Please use this contact page to help us raise Academy related issues.


Kindly note that UiPath Academy is going through a scheduled maintenance on March 30th, between 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM EST (5:30 PM - 7:00 PM CET).

The system will be unavailable during the downtime window.
This process is required for improving the overall Academy experience.

Your course progress, together with all of your Diploma(s) of Completion will be resumed after the downtime.

The improved experience will include:

  • A new Course Catalog Structure
  • Course Categories
  • Course filtering options, based on Course Categories, Product Categories and Difficulty Level
  • Notification System for new course releases
  • Single Sign-On

Should you have any questions, please use our Contact Page.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Academy Team


Hi @cosminSimion,

I’ve discovered that after the maintenance, UiPath Academy webpage is suddenly get so slow. Could you take a look at the Academy, please?

I’m also encountering a problem that the course I’ve already “completed” is now changed into “not completed” after the maintenance. And I can’t download/receive the certificate after the maintenance.

Best Regards,
Eric Yang



The Academy Interface looks different and I do not find the courses that I enrolled . After competing RPA Foundation Revamped 2018.3 and Level 2 Orchestrator, I was doing Level 3 Advance. It has completely changed and I don’t find my course anymore. Could you please help…



’ Level 3 ’ course changed ’ Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive ’ ?
Uploading the Assignment1&2 answer does not show any results.
and I don’t find my course…

thank u
Regards :slight_smile:

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yes the academy was too slow completed progress is not shown



The Academy platform is indeed very slow, some courses/items are not loading at all, and I’m receiving errors from “Content Raven”, this is all very frustrating.

I have lost progress on some courses, I completed RPA Developer Foundation last month yet it is now at 76%.

Going through the incomplete items does not increase the progress at all.

There are courses which I never touched that now have progress on them, such as RPA Business Analyst Foundation (50%) and RPA Solution Architect Foundation (37%).

I cannot even get into my Level 3 course, which I gather is now called Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive, and all progress on this course has been reset to 0%.

Kindly please look into these issues, as they are having a significant impact on our learning path.

Thank you for your support



Kindly note that Level 3 Advanced has been renamed to Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive. If you previously enrolled in Level 3 Advanced you should be able to see the Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive course in your MyDashboard page.

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Indeed. Level 3 Advanced has been renamed to Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive. The validation of your assignment submission should take an hour or so. Let us know if you do not receive any notification after a couple of hours.

Hi Vlad.

In what concerns the progress % for RPA Developer Foundation, 2 courses (PDF Automation & Email Automation) have been added to this Learning Plan…so not having 100% is as expected.

RPA Business Analyst Foundation and RPA Solution Architect Foundation are Learning Plans. This means they comprise multiple courses. Both contain the RPA Starter course, which seems you have previously completed. This reflects in your progress at the Learning Plan level.

Level 3 Advanced has indeed been renamed to Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive. It appears you were previously In Progress on this course, so the status now should be Resume. We are looking to migrate the status for the submitted Assignments as well, in case you had completed any one of them. It might take a day or two.


I was unaware of this and i’ve done my BA training completion. It was completed and suddenly system was not responding. Will my badges update once this is live?? Recently i observe tremendous slowness on academy. See attached last screen shot.


I have the same problem. The Academy loads extremely slowly, if it loads at all. Partially I get an error “A problem has occurred on this web site. Please try again. If this error continues, please contact ContentRaven support.”. In my course, “RPA Developer Foundation” in two packages (“Error and Exception Handling” & “Debugging”) the progress is lost and they are reset.

I am happy about the two new packages. But yesterday I was almost finished (I was only missing the last package and now I’m back to 60%).



I have the same problem since the maintenance.
I can’t access any new course and Its seems that my progression is lost.
Confined at home, learning Uipath is the unique way I can go on working.
I hope you’ll be able to fix this.
Best regards.


what is the new name for Level 1 Foundation course and I am not able to see my previous progress

RPA Starter

Hi guys.

Since the scheduled maintenance has been completed, I’m unable to log in at all.

I keep getting the following error message

Can you please have a look ?



Hi, I am unable to login to It says this:

A problem has occurred on this web site. Please try again. If this error continues, please contact ContentRaven support.

I have completed 95% of Level 1 RPA Revamped 2018 course in the previous version of website and I am unsure if this will be seen in the new portal. Please help.

Thanks and Regards,

All the persons are facing same problem

Loved this new UI

Thank you academy team for this new version.