Can't download RPA Developer Advanced Certificate

Hi everyone,

I completed assignement 1 & 2 and therefore finished the level 3 (RPA Developer Advanced). However, at the end, there is no certificate (diploma) that i can download like it was on the two previous one.

Could you please indicate me where to download it? Or even if it’s possible to download it?

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Hi @tmaire

Can you find this on bottom of the page when you completed the certification or when you open a course from dashboard which has been completed already

You can click to download you certificate.


Hi @PrankurJoshi

No that’s the problem, this page at the bottom is not display whether when i completed the certification or in my dashboard.


Hi @tmaire

Can you share how your page looks?

Have you filled and send the RPA Training Feedback form? If so and you have completed the course and you cannot download the certificate you can submit a ticket to

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Hi @Susana

The page look like this :

Yes i filled and sent the Feedback form. Ok, I will submit a ticket.

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Re-open a random lvl3 advanced lesson from the left menu. Then you’ll see the bottom bar with the Diploma.

…I was checking the academy…
And it seems the Academy has a new look since a few hours. :open_mouth:
Can you get the diploma now?

Yes, i get the diploma. Thank you for your time.