Where to download advanced certificate

Hi ,
Recently i have completed Advanced Certification but i am not able to view the certificate.
Please help me
Thanks in Advance


Yes, seems to be missing the download diploma button post completion in the new version

@loginerror : could you please help here.
Its not available for me as well, even though its already completed.

Its not even available under My Activities > Courses :

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Now the Download Button is enabled.Can you Please check it and download your certificate as well

I have reissued your diploma, you should be able to download it from the platform now. Let me know if you cannot.


Thank you.

Hi AndraT,

The webpage cannot reach after clicking button “Download Your Diploma”, please help.
also level1 & level2 have same webpage issue as level3 training.

Hi Team -

Today I have completed RPA Developer Foundation certification. But I am not able to download my certificate. Please help me.

With Regards,
Ashish Solanki

Hello , please am facing the same issue , i don’t find where to download my diploma could you help

Recently I have completed Advanced Certification but I am not able to view the certificate.
Please help me
Thanks in Advance

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i guess it would take up to 5 days to show up

congratulation @KALYANAM_HEMANTH_CHOWDARY . would you like to share some questions pls …any tips and resources you learn from because i m going to take exam next week … it would be great help …thank you

You’ll want to log into certmetrics.com with the same credentials you used to schedule your UiPath Exam in order to download the UiPath Certified Logo and get your verified ID.

You can share a link with the verification ID so that others know your UiPath Certification is indeed valid. My link is here:

I am facing the same issue. There is no download link in the advanced developer course.

Hello @AndraT ,

I have completed the RPA Advanced developer certification but due to migration i forget to download the certificate can you please reissue my certificate so i can use that i need this very urgent for my project all the necessary information are attached in screenshot.

Hi @Krishnakvner11

Please contact our certification team at certification@uipath.com.

thank you very much @loginerror for your quick response
i have already send the mail to above email but did not get any response yet.

Hi @Krishnakvner11

I am also facing same issue. Did you get any update on this certificate issue.