RPA Starter - Unable to get Diploma of Completion

I am unable to download the diploma of completion of RPA Starter.

I am also unable to download my Diploma of Completion? I just finished the RPA Developer Foundation course.

I’m having the same issue, have you had a solution since then? Does UIPath have a plan address this?

Hi @Miruso,

Welcome to Uipath Community :smiley:

Could you please provide screen shot for your issue.

@Try to open different browsers like chrome or ie or firefox. Some time browser compatible issues having.

Omkar P

Hi Please see attached, it also won’t allow me to go back to RPA Starter to review information. The website just doesn’t respond

Could you please open this same page in chrome or ie

I already tried, it doesn’t work

Please contact uipath academy

What do I do if they don’t respond?

You can raise your issue definitely they will reply

has anyone had this issue sorted? I just completed the RPA starter course and the diploma is locked.

Is the issue resolved? I am facing the same now.

I have just logged back to UiPath academy, now I am able to get the certification.