Cannot assign from type ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’ to type ‘System.String’ in Assign activity ‘End Process

Hi all, i am facing below issue when i am working level 3 assignment .
“Cannot assign from type ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’ to type ‘System.String’ in Assign activity ‘End Process’.”

As per document i have changed ‘TransactionItem’ variable type to string in GetTransactionData, Process, and SetTransactionStatus files. i am facing above issue only in GetTransactionData state except 2 states.
Can any one please help me where i am missing converting variable into string.
Main flow -

Get Transaction -

Validation error page-

Thank you.


In Variables pane, change the variable type as QueueItem.

You need to change TransactionItem datatype to String in GetTransactionData.xaml and SetTransactionStatus.xaml. verify arguments as well

I assume you are working on Assignment 2


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Hi vivek,
Thanks for quick rply.
But in level3 assignment 2 ‘transaction Item’ varaible type should be string as per document.

Hi ,
Thanks for quick rply.
Yes i am working on assignment 2 and i have changed ‘TransactionItem’ data type to string in GetTransactionData.xaml and SetTransactionStatus.xaml.

I did not face any issue in SetTransactionStatus.xaml and process.xml.but the issue only in GetTransactionData.xaml.

In end process assign activity remove nothing on right hand side and save then again type nothing and save that would remove the error :grinning:


Hi can you please tell me is this issue due to below condition.

In the if condition get type is Queue Item.

Yes see wherever transactionitem has been used you should convert the datatype to string.

particularly for SetTransactionStatus.xaml you can try to disable those activity which are using transaction item.

Just make sure it has the activity which is incrementing transaction number rest all can be disabled.


I have changed get type to string.

But still at set transaction status having vaidation error like below screen

Please disable that activity


And let the remaining one as is


Hi Prankur,
I have removed below condition from 3 sequences in setTransaction.xml the issue got.

Thank you very much for your help.

As you send i have removed end process assign activity and again placed same condition.

I worked for me and my issue got resolved in ‘getTransaction.xml’ also.

Thankyou very much .Great help

Great just make sure you have this one enabled in SetTransactionStatus.xaml


All the best


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